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  1. Plural of inhabitant

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This article is about the video game. For Inhabitants of housing, see Residency
Inhabitants is an independently developed commercial puzzle game created by S+F Software.


The game is based on the concepts from SameGame. The game's title can be attributed to the animal-themed levels and tiles containing different creatures. Inhabitants is available for Windows and Sega Dreamcast. Unlike SameGame, adjoining tiles may only be cleared. This means that only a total of up to five blocks can be cleared at a time. Because of this unique style of play, designer Steve Thompson has often categorized the game as a puzzle/strategy hybrid title.

Windows Version

In mid-2002, development on the freeware PC version of the game began. It was eventually released in August of 2003 after falling victim on several occasions to scope creep. Currently, version 1.2 of is in development. It is said to feature an online high scoring system and support for multiple language packs.

Dreamcast Release

Inhabitants was released commercially for the Sega Dreamcast as the first place prize in Cyberdog Castle and The GOAT Store's first annual Dream On Contest. While it originally was given a 2004 release date and was completely done before summer of that year, disc pressing problems delayed the title until January of 2005.
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